Monday, April 20, 2009

Please Read and comment

I've seen life and I've seen death
Lived the worst and died the best
From all I've seen of light and dark
How can I tell the right from wrong?
My greatest fear is to just let go
of all I fear and all I know.

Behind the illusion I see with my good eye
Is a world where laughter is often cried
The gentle cries are duly laughed
behind a shame of sorrowed craft.

I can't tell anymore who to trust

Not myself around you, I'm full of lust
Not the bankers with our money, they're a greedy bunch
Not the government with laws, they live injustice
Not the preacher with their culture wars, hypocrits
Not the father with his child,
Not the mother hiding false smiles,
So for now I'll trust in me
So for now I'll be, just be
My own role Model.