Thursday, December 18, 2008

College Information Pretest/Post Test/Questionnaire

1. How old are you?

2.Please list All relevant facts that you know about college?

3.Please list methods that you know for getting financial assistance for college?

4.Share with yourself: What are your general feelings about college?

5.How do you apply to college?

Via mail (snail mail)- postal mail
Via internet
Via a short packet that you turn into the front office
Via ‘connections’
You can only go if you have good grades.

6.What are alternative methods to applying to a university if you didn’t get in the one you wanted?

7.What are different activities that school provides, free of additional charges for you once you are enrolled?

8.What are your attitudes towards college?

9.How much due you value and appreciate a college experience?

10.What do you know about computers and their use?

11. Do you want to go to college?

Post Test additional questions

1. How have your perceptions of college changed?

2.Does college seem more fun to you?

3.Would you like to go to college?

4. Did this video change your perception about college?


1. What have you learned so far during this trip?
What have you learned as a result of this video presentation?

2. What stood out to you the most about being on campus today?
What stood out to you the most about this video?

3. What was your favorite activity that you saw?

4. Is there anything in today’s activity that has changed your understanding of the college experience?

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