Thursday, December 4, 2008

What this project aims to do

The mission statement of this project is to use video and audio media to showcase the diversity of experiences that collegiate life has to offer and asks the question, why college? Non-formal and traditional college experiences will be showcased in order to more accurately reflect what it means to be a higher learner.
The ins and outs of the college application process and financial opportunities for funding of an education must also be addressed in an easy to follow, exciting (really) and invigorating way. In the end, the goal of this project is to positively equate education with a successful life (in terms of quality not quantity).

I. Our primary goal is to encourage and motivate towards, active participation in the collegiate experience. Any gains in knowledge of and appreciation for the higher learning process are components of the desired results.

II. Students will understand the application process for college enrollment.

III. Students knowledge of non-academic institutions and facilities including Lake Wahburg, sporting facilities (volleyball, basketball, racquetball and tennis courts; gymnasiums, recreation centers and pools), sky labs, computer labs and centers like the Reitz Union will increase in relation to their exposure to such facilities.

IV. Students will gain an appreciation for authentic collegiate experiences, primarily those involving non-academic characteristics.

V. Students will gain knowledge about funding options that are available to finance their academic future.

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