Thursday, December 18, 2008


Dear Lincoln Middle School Family,

Hello Again! I hope that this year finds you well in health, mind and spirit. I dearly miss the community at Lincoln and am pleased to have this opportunity. It is in this spirit that I have decided to sponsor a University of Florida Field Trip.
I am back at school getting my Master’s in Educational Technology and am pursuing an independent course of study in film production in which I will bring middle school students to the University and highlight the true essence of collegiate life, allowing them to get a hands on, personal and practical feel for what college is really like. We will visit student centers for study, recreation, sports activity, leisure (museums) and other facilities of the student’s choice. This Field Trip is designed to be a fun, hands on experience that role plays what navigating through the college application process is like. Your child will actually fill out an application for the University, find out about scholarships, grants, student loans and other pertinent information in the application process. Computers will be available for them to enhance their technological abilities.
As part of this project, I will be filming the experience to showcase it to Lincoln Middle School and other middle schools in the region. Your child will also be filming part of their experience to acquaint them with current technology applications and to provide a learner centric component to this experience. Please sign the waiver below to confirm that you are aware of video taping during the field trip. I hope that you find the potential for successful growth within this opportunity beneficial and authentic. I hand selected your child because I believe in their ability to succeed and I want to provide them with an additional opportunity for growth.

Field Trip Permission Form

Dear Parent or Guardian,
Your child is invited on a field trip. Please read the information at the top of this form, then sign and return the permission slip at the bottom of this form by ____________________.

Field Trip Information:

Date: ______________________________________________________________________________

Purpose: Acclimatization to University Life: A Journey into Higher Education
Cost: None

Means of Transportation: University Sponsored Transportation

Leave school: __9:00______ Arrive back at school: _____5:00__

Special Instructions: A small school meal (sandwich and a drink) will be provided. Please make sure your child has had a thorough meal before the field trip. We will be visiting all of the University’s facilities, so any spare cash may be useful to your child.

Sign this part of the form and return it to your child's teacher.

_____________________________________________________ has permission to attend a field trip to _________________________________________ on________________ from ____________________ to _______________________.

I give my permission for ________________________________________ to receive emergency medical treatment. In an emergency, please contact:

Name: __________________________ Phone: ______________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________________

Please inform me of any special medical needs your child may have.

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