Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rationale for Goals


This video project is designed to give all children (age 10-16) that are placed at risk (whether from low S.E.S., lesser parental education, lower standardized test scores) a different view of the collegiate experience in order that they may increase their collective attendance in higher learning institutions as well as to acquaint them with higher learning in general, particularly in nontraditional ways. Many children of this generation learn through a visual or tactile intelligence modality and providing them with an alternative to college brochures (which they do not access) will benefit them and our community. I believe higher learning is often the missing step in upward social mobility and therefore is crucial to social and class integration. This demographic (varied in race, gender, language, ethnicity and culture though often African American in southern states, particularly here in Alachua County, Florida) of students has been, for whatever reason, shown to have lower numbers of college attendees than other groups with higher S.E.S. The goal of this video is to ‘show’ these children the range of positive experiences that can be garnered from a higher education and allow them to re-“think about college”. This video will be an informative introduction into college life and will share the real life experiences of those that are in college (of varied backgrounds) with middle school children.

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